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Let's Reduce Single-Use

Reducing single-use items without compromising quality or the customer experience

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Plastic in Numbers

The Let's Reduce Single-Use (LRSU) programme gives accommodation providers the confidence to say NO to single-use plastic and other single-use alternatives.

With STANDARD and PREMIUM options, you can choose the level of support that works best for you.  

What is included:
  • Self-Evalution checklist and online audit


  • Templates to calculate cost, consumption and weight for accurate reporting


  • Customized recommendations report.


  • Online workshop with key members of your teams


  • Consultancy hours

  • Certificate of collaboration

Single-Use Plastic Fork on the beach.

How does Let's Reduce Single-Use work?

Using our self-evaluation checklist, you can pre-prepare for your plastic audit.  The self-evaluation checklist is already split into operational areas, making it easy for you to involve key members of your team in the identification of where plastic is used and more importantly WHY.  


Our cost, consumption and weight templates help you to understand the impacts in terms of financial and environmental burdens to your business.  The templates are compatible with evidence required by Travelife for Accommodations and with the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative reporting requirements.




Building on your self-evaluation and the data you will have compiled using our templates, one of our team will conduct and in-person or online audit depending on your location and preference*.  We will use this time to verify your responses, to identify good practices and to look for areas where we can help you to improve.  

*In person audits will incur an additional cost.

Once we've gathered all of the information from your reporting templates and from our audit, we´ll create a customized report with a series of tailored recommendations and practical actions so that you can start or accelerate progress.  Depending on whether you have chosen our STANDARD or PREMIUM option, this customized report will also include Standard Operating Procedures and Guides for Experts which include more advanced strategies and alternatives. 




After delivering your customized report, we will hold a live workshop with key members of your team to outline strategies for success and to answer any questions that you or they may have.  You can also lock in a defined number of consultancy hours so that we can continue to provide support as you implement changes.   

Assuming that you meet the objectives we set at the start of the programme, you will be presented with a Certificate of Collaboration in recognition of your efforts and achievements. 




Operational Insight

The sheer volume of plastics used on site is always surprising to people we work with.  The results make it easier to gain support for changes.


Attract your Ideal Guest

Proactively communicating your plastic reduction strategies will help to attract more eco-conscious travellers, who in turn make it easier to implement other sustainability changes. 


Waste & Cost Reductions

Reducing volumes of waste can also mean reducing the cost associated with collecting waste, cumulatively over months and years, this adds up.


Comply with Certifications

Increasingly, certification schemes ask hotels to provide evidence of their plastic and waste reduction measures, our programme makes providing evidence simple and easy.


Don't miss out on 5* reviews

More and more hotels are missing out on 5* reviews, simply because of single-use plastic, don't let this happen to you. 



Our premium programme opens the door to 1:1 mentorship, access to training platforms, bonus workshops and a supplier directory, helping to accelerate your results. 


The Standard Programme is ideal for teams that prefer a self-driven approach but with the added bonus of having some direct access to the Travel Without Plastic team for any unexpected challenges that may arise. 


The Premium Programme provides step by step assistance with close supervision from an expert. It works well whether you are just getting started or whether your want to accelerate your progress by having more personalised access to TWP experts and to additional resources and tools.   

  • Guide on plastic reduction

  • Checklist for hotels

  • Audit (Online)

  • Cost/consumption 

  • Personalised report

  • Workshop with management team

  • Consultancy hours (XXh/mth)

  • Diploma

Standard Programme +

  • Expert Guides

  • Single Operating Procedures

  • Suppliers directory

  • Two extra workshops 

  • Access to Training platform*

  • Option to Invite hotel staff as guests to workshops

  • Extra 1:1 time with TWP experts

  • Podcast*

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Laura Simmonds

Head of Responsible Procurement, IHG

At IHG we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and seeking out more sustainable solutions. A core part of this commitment is helping our colleagues to better understand the options that enable them to make more environmentally-friendly choices.


The “Let’s Reduce Single-Use Toolkit” has been a useful way to help our procurement team to expand their knowledge, and in-turn support our hotel brands to make buying choices that have a more positive impact on both our operations and the environment

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