Travel Without Plastic is a small team with BIG ambitions.....

To support hotels large and small in reducing or even eliminating single-use plastic from their operations.

We've been working on plastic and waste reduction in hotels since 2011 and have over 40 years of combined experience in tourism that can help you.

Travel Without Plastic was officially created in 2017 and follows a social enterprise model.  Despite years of experience supporting hotels with their sustainability activities, and working on plastic reduction since 2011, it was only in 2017 that we began to receive requests from hotels large and small to create 'plastic reduction tools that were practical and actually contained information about HOW to make changes not just what hotels could or should do'. 


Founders Jo Hendrickx and Rachel McCaffery have over 40 years of combined experience in the tourism industry, including health and safety auditing, sustainability auditing and implementing quality assurance programmes within hotels.  It is this deep understanding of hotel operations and our realistic approach to change that hoteliers value the most.


We were so determined to put our experience and knowledge to good use that we personally financed the creation of the Let's Reduce Single-Use Tools that you see on the website.  Professionally written and designed, the Let's Reduce Single-Use Guide contains 100 pages of practical advice including considerations around health and safety, responsible disposal in accordance with local infrastructures, customer expectations, changes to standard operating procedures, staff and customer engagement and much more.  The Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit is the most robust suite of tools available. 


Feedback from all  of the hotels using our toolkit is that it is excellent value for money, contains significantly more tools than expected and its relevance to their business enables them to make real change that can be tracked in terms of impact.  In particular, they feel more confident to completely eliminate unnecessary products (plastic or not) and feel that they can make more informed choices around alternatives to single-use plastics, as not all of these are as green as they seem!

Having both worked for travel companies previously, we know that businesses put more value on tools they have paid for than those that are circulated freely.  Often this is because free tools tend to be more generic and therefore not as insightful as the Let's Reduce Single-Use set.  We don't want our tools to sit in an inbox without being used, levying a small charge encourages their use and goes some way to enabling us to continue our work.


We continue to update our tools annually, updates are circulated free of cost to hoteliers that have previously purchased them, and we provide continued support and recommendations through a regular monthly newsletter.  


Hundreds of hotels continue to offer food and beverage in single-use plastic or foam.  In this real life example, we experienced ourselves, we did the maths....

6 pieces of plastic per breakfast per person


146 double or twin rooms 


80% occupancy based on a 12 month operation 

A grand total of




individual pieces of plastic from this one hotel in a year.....


just from breakfast cutlery and crockery!

We all now know that the world oceans are drowning in plastic, it’s killing wildlife in huge numbers, polluting beaches and even harming human health as it gets into the food chain.  Consumers are waking up and they don’t stop caring when they go on holiday, yet many of the hotels they stay in will often be contributing to the problem.

We ask hotels 'What are the barriers to changing from single-use plastics to reusable items'?


  • Cost, 

  • Lack of knowledge of alternatives,

  • Availability of alternatives,

  • Concerns over health and safety

  • Concerns of the true environmental impact of the alternatives

  • Worried about customer reactions

  • Not knowing how to communicate the changes to customers

  • It could make extra work for staff


The'Let's Reduce Single-Use' Toolkit helps hotels and accommodation providers reduce or eliminate single-use plastics whilst answering all of their concerns and providing realistic, practical, affordable recommendations.


Hotels can adapt to changing customer attitudes, reduce costs, steal a march on increasingly likely legislation, make it easier for their guests to tread more lightly on the environment and significantly reduce the amount of plastic entering their local waste streams by implementing ideas contained within The Lets Reduce Single-Use Guides & Toolkit.

Jo Hendrickx
Founder and CEO
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