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Be The Change

Flexible online learning that fits into even the busiest hotel's schedules

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Employee Engagement in Numbers

The Be The Change programme is so much more than a flexible interactive training platform.  We are firm believers that transformation is achieved with action, and not knowledge alone.  Whilst the content of our training is designed to share knowledge and to meet the requirements of certification schemes, yours and your staff's valuable time is wasted if this knowledge is not translated into actions that actually support the achievement of your sustainability (or any other business) goals.  

If we are all honest with ourselves, implementing sustainability actions often seems to imply more work for an already over-worked and potentially under-valued workforce, and with everyone already under immense pressure, there is little appetite to do more.

To achieve engagement with sustainability, instead of asking how do we get our employees to help us achieve our sustainability targets?, Be The Change focuses on how you can connect what your business is doing or wants to do, with the concerns, passions and motivations of your employees.

Research indicates that when approximately 25% of a team fully embrace new behaviours, it serves as the tipping point that triggers nearly all of the remaining 75% to follow suit and adopt similar behaviours.  Be The Change helps to establish the crucial emotional connections required to drive change within that pivotal 25% so that positive change is inevitable. 


With STANDARD and PREMIUM options, you can choose the level of support that works best for you.  

What will be included:
  • 12 months unlimited access to flexible, online training platform.


  • 11 standard modules compatible with Travelife and other certification requirements for training.


  • Regular module updates to stay relevant.

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How does Be The Change work?


Enrol as many members of your team as you wish into the online learning platform.  Every user has 12 months of unlimited access to our sustainability modules and will receive a certificate of completion for each module completed. 

Modules are accessible 24/7, progress is saved so that participants can dip in and out as required depending upon operational requirements.



Content is renewed and updated annually to ensure that your staff remain up to date with the latest sustainability trends and standards.  

Modules are created in such a way that they appeal to all types of learning styles from visual to audible and with interactive exercises and quizzes to make learning more engaging and to ensure that information is more readily retained. 




Enhanced Employee Engagement

A Gallup survey found that employees who feel their personal development is actively supported are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged at work.  The Society for Human Resource Management suggests that investing in employee development significantly contributes to higher job satisfaction levels. 


Innovation and Creativity

Continuous learning encourages a culture of innovation and creativity.  As employees learn new skills and perspectives, they become more comfortable with problem solving and informed decision making, skills that are highly sought after by businesses that need to offer excellent customer service. 


Talent Retention

The cost of consistently replacing employees is much higher than retaining them.  Employees who feel that their company invests in their personal growth are more likely to stay with the organisation and subsequently contribute to that company's ongoing success. 


Competitive Advantage

Investing in the ongoing development of your staff helps your business to stay ahead of industry trends and keeps your workforce highly skilled.  When differentiating yourself from competitors, focusing on core business priorities is simpler when you're not preoccupied with ongoing staff concerns. 


Adaptability to Change

Many people don't like change, but if we learned anything during the pandemic, it is that human beings are very capable of change, and of doing it quickly.  Training helps employees to feel more confident about adapting to changes in the workplace. 



Our premium programme provides access to additional insights and discussions on employee engagement strategies, in addition to regular live workshops that foster collaboration and shared learning amongst industry peers. 



The Standard Programme provides all of the content that you need to meet the sustainability training requirements of certification schemes, including Travelife for Accommodations. 

  • 12 months unlimited access to training modules for unlimited numbers of staff. 

  • 11 x standard module topics to ensure compliance with certification scheme requirements on sustainability training for staff. 

  • Regular module updates to ensure information stays up to date and relevant. 

The Premium Programme focuses on employee engagement and loyalty strategies as these really are the backbone to implementing changes within your business.  

Standard Programme +

  • Access to additional insights and strategies with unlimited access to our podcast series. 

  • Participate in regular online peer workshops to learn and share experiences with other industry peers.

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