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En Route to Sustainability

Comprehensive support for businesses aiming to improve sustainability practices and achieve recognition

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Certification in Numbers

The En Route to Sustainability is specifically designed to help hotels achieve Travelife and other certifications.  With the launch of the new Travelife Requirements, hotels are reaching out for assistance to ensure their continued compliance to this well respected certification.

With our support you will be able to streamline operations and processes, saving considerable time and stress, and ensuring that the audit process runs smoothly.  

With STANDARD and PREMIUM options, you can choose the level of support that works best for you.  

What will be included:
  • Pre-audit and gap analysis


  • Support with data collection


  • Templates to measure and present evidence


  • Consulting hours with certified auditor


  • Access to training platform

  • Certificate of collaboration

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How does En-Route to Sustainability work?

Together, we'll conduct a thorough Gap Analysis Audit, identifying areas for improvement in your sustainability practices. You'll gain strategic insights into your current practices and a roadmap for targeted improvements.


We will streamline your sustainability processes, saving you time and resources in the achievement of this and future audits.



We'll ensure that your teams have the knowledge, skills and confidence required to implement your sustainability strategies  by providing access to our flexible online Training Courses covering important topics such as environmental management, social and community engagement, equality and diversity, animal welfare, safeguarding children and protection and promotion of biodiversity. 

Once we've gathered all of the information from your reporting templates and from our audit, we´ll create a customized report with a series of tailored recommendations and practical actions so that you can start or accelerate progress.  Depending on whether you have chosen our STANDARD or PREMIUM option, this customized report will also include Standard Operating Procedures and Guides for Experts which include more advanced strategies and alternatives. 



Benefit from personalized guidance from accredited GSTC auditor and our support team, ensuring expert advice that can be tailored to your hotel's unique context.



Efficiency and Speed

Our in-depth knowledge of the evidence needed to achieve requirements allows for efficient identification of areas for improvement, leading to a faster turn around time for achieving compliance.


Cost Effective

By helping you to avoid common pitfalls and to implement efficient strategies, your hotel achieves sustainability goals whilst optimizing its own valuable and often over-stretched resources. 


Customized Solutions

We tailor the recommendations for improvement specifically to the needs and characteristics of your hotel, providing solutions that align with your goals and objectives.


Risk Mitigation

Our gap analysis audits can help to identify and mitigate any risks associated with environmental and societal issues, protecting your reputation and preventing and negative impacts on your operations. 


Objective and Unbiased

As an outsider to your business, we are able to provide constructive feedback without the influence of internal bias or preconceptions, often leading to quicker compliance with requirements.



Our premium programme provides more personalized training designed specifically to follow the policies of your hotel.  With PREMIUM PLUS, we´ll restructure your entire approach to sustainability and to achieving your certification. 


The Standard Programme provides a robust foundation to ensure that your teams are well-prepared to meet requirements and that evidence is meticulously organized and presented, facilitating a smoother process for you and the auditor on the day of the visit.  


The main advantage of the Premium Programme is the personalised training which will be adapted to include specific information and examples from your hotel.  Hybrid and online training options mean you can choose the learning style that works best within your operational requirements.  

  • Gap Analysis Audit: Assess and identify areas for improvement in your sustainability practices.

  • All-Inclusive Training Courses: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable practices.

  • Templates: Streamline processes with ready-to-use templates tailored to meet certification requirements.

  • Consultancy with Coordinator Role: Benefit from personalized guidance and support from experienced coordinators.

Standard Programme +

  • Personalized Training: Tailor educational modules to suit your hotel's unique needs.

  • Podcast: Stay informed and inspired through engaging sustainability-focused audio content.

  • Peer Workshop: Collaborate and share insights with industry peers to enhance sustainability efforts.


With PREMIUM PLUS you will be handing over the organisational reigns to us.  In addition to all of the previously mentioned services, we will take responsibility for the creation and restructure of filing systems, ensuring that for every requirement, there is a matching folder where we will check and upload your evidence.


We´ll work closely with all of your operational teams to implement new ways of working and new standard operating procedures where required.  With PREMIUM PLUS you also get automatic access to our standard TALKING GREEN programme, which ensures that all of your internal and external communications around sustainability are also taken care of. 

  • Complete restructure with everything you need done for you​

  • Access to standard TALKING GREEN programme

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Beate Sekula

General Manager, Seaside Los Jameos Playa, Lanzarote

Travel Without Plastic played a pivotal role in facilitating our hotel's attainment of the new Travelife criteria through their effective coordination, strategic clarity, and visionary leadership.


Their meticulous attention to detail proved essential to  maintaining our focus on goals throughout the process.


Their profound understanding of team engagement served as a driving force, enabling the successful implementation of necessary changes, which are now integral components of our ongoing business strategies.’’

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