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Turismo de Portugal Toolkit

Adaptation and translation of the original Let's Reduce Single-Use Tookit for Accommodation Providers and Tour Operators

Turismo de Portugal

TWP was delighted to collaborate with Turismo de Portugal as part of a wider sustainability initiative in the destination, the “Sustainable Tourism: a better future for everyone” project, financed by the Portuguese Environmental Fund.  The project tackles a range of sustainability topics including the reduction of single-use plastic products in tourism, resource efficiency and carbon management.


The Let's Reduce Single-Use Guide and the Sustainable Communications Guide for accommodation providers have been adapted to a Portuguese context and subsequently translated in order to be made available to businesses free of charge, you can download the full toolkit in Portuguese below. 

These guides are supported by the Let's Reduce Single-Use Self Assessment that helps businesses to identify where and how single-use plastic is consumed within their businesses.

Turismo de Portugal Free Toolkit
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"For Turismo de Portugal, it is a great opportunity to work with Travel Without Plastic in order to increase awareness in Portuguese tourist professionals regarding the reduction of single-use plastic, help them find better solutions for the environment and really make the difference in achieving an even more sustainable destination – that’s our path."

Teresa Ferreira, Departamento de Dinamização da Oferta e dos Recursos

Turismo de Portugal

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