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Plastic Free Holidays

Project management supporting hotels in Mallorca and Ibiza with plastic reduction. 

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The aim of the joint project is to reduce the amount of tourism-related plastic waste in the Balearic Islands and to improve the recycling process and rate.

Following a preliminary study pilot measures were developed and will be tested together with the participating hotels, representatives of the tour operators, local NGOs and Balearic waste management authorities. Specific programs to reduce plastic waste and improve recycling around ports will be developed in collaboration with cruise lines and ports.

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Plastic Free Holidays Results

The aim of this project was to reduce tourism-related single-use plastic waste and to increase recycling rates in the pilot destinations of Mallorca and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands between March 2019 and December 2022. 




hotels in Mallorca and Ibiza participated in the project.


staff were trained in waste reduction measures and sustainability.

water bottles were eliminated by implementing water refill stations

The expert knowledge and competence in advising hotels on reducing single-use plastic that TWP has brought into our collaboration has been one of the biggest success factors in our joint project “Plastic-Free Holidays” on the Balearic Islands. Especially their practical viewpoint on how improvements can be made without compromising guest satisfaction or operative procedures in a hotel has been most valuable'.

Swantje Lehners, Managing Director Projects and Cooperations, Futouris

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