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Reducing waste and plastic pollution from the tourism industry;


  1. Giving you the confidence to say "No" to single-use products.

  2. Providing high-quality support, training and tools to help accommodation and service providers implement sustainable practices.

  3. Widening the circles of influence and involving both staff and suppliers as well as customers.


A world in which the global travel industry no longer relies on single-use products to deliver travel and tourism experiences.

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Meet the Team

Our multi-national team has extensive experience in tourism, training, digital marketing

and hotel management.

Our main focuses are on the elimination and reduction of plastic, the prevention and transformation of food waste, and supporting hotels and tour operators to implement more sustainability strategies and practical actions.

We're based in the Canary Islands but we operate internationally.  To learn more about each of us, you'll find our LinkedIn profiles below.

Travel Without Plastic Team

Our clients include:

Who we work with
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Why do we do it?

In 2011, Jo Hendrickx co-managed a single-use plastic reduction project in Cyprus together with The Travel Foundation whilst she was working at The Thomas Cook Group, but it wasn't until 2017 when Travel Without Plastic was founded.  

Jo was auditing excursion venues in line with the ABTA Animal Welfare Standards and during a visit to the USA, she was frustrated to come across what she has now coined "The Styrofoam Breakfast" in almost every hotel she stayed in during the trip.  This experience set off the chain of events that saw Travel Without Plastic come to life.
Knowing from her own experience that travel hotels don't have to rely on single-use plastic, Jo undertook many conversations with hotel managers to find out what the biggest obstacles were to reducing and eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic.  From there, the first "Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit" was created. 

Since then, Travel Without Plastic has gone on to work with international hotel chains and organisations as well as smaller independent companies, tour operators and development organisations that are all looking to minimise their consumption of unnecessary single-use plastic.

We love to work with businesses that.....

  • Are willing to try new things

  • Are happy to proactively engage staff 

  • Will encourage customer feedback

  • Feel a sense of responsibility to implement positive change

  • Have a solutions focussed mindset

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How does Travel Without Plastic get such great results?

  • We know what we're talking about, having worked with hotels and operators to reduce single-use plastic since 2011.

  • We position plastic reduction within an overall waste reduction programme which is important for businesses looking for circular solutions.  

  • We help you to avoid becoming a victim of greenwashing claims to make sure you don't waste time and money on unsuitable alternatives

  • We understand the pressures upon travel businesses having spent over 20 years working in or supporting hotel and tour operations. We put ourselves in the shoes of the staff to make sure our suggestions are practical and realistic whilst still being aspirational.  

  • The Lets Reduce Single-Use System is partially automated meaning you can work at your own pace, but still enjoy access to personalised check in calls with us throughout the programme.

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