Travel Without Plastic's primary focus is to support the tourism accommodation industry in reducing and eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics from their operations.

There is no one size fits all solution to tackling single-use plastic in an industry as diverse as tourism.  We liaise with a range of sustainability consultants whose experience complements our approach and ensures that local infrastructures and cultures are considered.

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Founder & CEO

MSc Responsible Tourism Management

Jo is a sustainability professional living in Gran Canaria with over 20 years of experience in the global tourism industry.  She has worked extensively with hotels and accommodation providers around the world since 2001 helping managers to navigate the health, safety, quality and sustainability expectations of tour operators.  Training over 2500 industry colleagues and inspiring many more, Jo has a gift for bringing sustainability to life with practical, implementable advice for staff of all levels.  Increasingly concerned with the impacts of unnecessary plastics, Jo was motivated to create Travel Without Plastic to support those hotels that want to make a difference.  Read her story here

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Creative Design

With over 30 years of experience in creative design, Jason maintains a wealth of current ideas by keeping up to date with the latest trends in products, marketing and advertising. Experienced in helping businesses create a recognisable identity, whether this is a single logo for a small independent trader or a global campaign for a corporate brand. He brings brands to life by seamlessly marrying  written copy with meticulously sourced images across a diverse range of topics and themes. An in-depth knowledge of graphic design tools combined with his innovative responses to a design brief have brought Travel Without Plastic's Guides and Toolkit to life.

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Rachel McCaffrey has over 15 years of experience in tourism and sustainability.  She has driven sustainability strategy and supply chain management for commercial tour operators such as Airtours, Virgin Holidays, STA Travel and Virgin Atlantic.  She was heavily involved in the creation of ABTA Tools such as the Travelife Sustainability System, Global Animal Welfare Guidelines and Responsible Volunteering Guidelines and played a leading role in the development and testing of the European Tourism Indicator System for the EU.  



Frankie has 7 years experience in Tourism, Hospitality and Events, working in the industry alongside completing a degree in International Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. An outdoors enthusiast and adventure chaser, she’s more likely to be found in the mountains than in an office, with her love of the outdoors driving her passion for sustainability. Frankie brings her creativity and knowledge of digital marketing strategies and content creation, to Travel Without Plastic, developing informative and visual content to support hotels in their plastic reduction journeys. 


Business Development Director

MSc International Tourism Policy

Social Media & Content Creation