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Sustainable Communications Guide

The Sustainable Communications Guide helps you to write, speak or post about your sustainability activities in a sincere but engaging tone. 

It helps you to ensure the integrity of the business and avoid the 'greenwash' trap.

Written together with Travel Without Plastic by renowned Sustainability Author, Speaker and Consultant

 Jeremy Smith the Sustainable Communications Guide doesn't just look at communicating your plastic reduction efforts, it covers the key Guiding Principles for communicating sustainability in all situations.

The Guide helps to ensure that you communicate with sincerity whilst being engaging for current and potential customers:

  • Covers the key Guiding Principles to ensure integrity throughout the communications journey

  • Helps you to uncover your true brand identity or story

  • Includes a series of exercises to involve staff in the communications approach

  • Top 20 insights from Jeremy's professional career in how best to communicate sustainability

There has never been a better time to tell your guests that you are working hard to create a more sustainable business that puts environments, cultures and guest well-being at the heart of what you do

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The Sustainable Communications Guide is available to download immediately in English, French and Spanish for just €4.50 

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