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Meet the requirements for Travelife and other certifications with our sustainability training

Despite our company name, we help hotels to achieve a lot more than single-use plastic reduction.

Our training courses focus on key sustainability topics that are essential for today's hotel teams.

  • Energy and water saving for staff and guests

  • Food waste prevention

  • Waste reduction, separation and recycling

  • Human rights, employee wellbeing, diversity, equality, equity and inclusion

  • Community engagement 

  • Supporting local economies

At Bull Hotels, we firmly believe in the importance of sustainability in the hotel industry. For this reason, we are proud to share that we are renewing our Travelife for Accommodation certification and for this, we have trained our entire team with some training talks given by the company Travel Without Plastic. 🌱

During this course, our passionate employees had the opportunity to delve into key sustainable practices, which make a difference in the environment. Guided by sustainability expert Adrian Calcines, we were inspired to reach new levels of excellence in our commitment to the environment.

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Our training courses are designed to bring sustainability to life in a fun and engaging way for staff.  

Our flexible approach which include sessions of 1 hour, 2 hours, hybrid and fully online means you can adapt your training needs around your operational schedules and requirements.

If your hotel is based in Spain, we are able to offer #bonificado training on all the above mentioned topics. 

To speak to us about training, contact us on or

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