• Straws made from straw
  • 100% natural product
  • Non-Soggy
  • Gluten Free


What is a Turtle Straw?

Turtle Straws are made from the waste product generated when harvesting the wheat plant.  They're cleaned, cut to shape and packed, it's really as simple as that.


Unlike trees that are cut down to produce paper straws and require around 40 years to grow back again, wheat fields grow back every single year and just 1 square metre of wheat can produce 5000 individual straws.


How should I dispose of them?

Turtle straws are naturally compostable at home, they are non-toxic should they end up in a marine environment or other natural landscape and will break down in the same way the straw plant would if it were left to do so.

They can safely be disposed of with food waste.

Turtle Straws

  • When choosing a product for your business ​you want people to know that you have not just considered the upfront costs, but the down the line cost to our planet.

    ​Turtle Straws are more expensive than their paper counterparts, they are hand made by people who earn a living wage and not mass-produced in a factory.

    Turtle straws add value to your service, they will set you apart from your competitors as they show that you care about the environment not just finding the cheapest, quickest fix.

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