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Travelife certified hotels enjoy 10% discount on Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit before 31/12/18

We're delighted to offer Travelife certified hotels a 10% discount on our most popular service - the Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit.

Teaming up with Travelife is a great opportunity for us to offer our Toolkit to hoteliers who already demonstrate sustainability credentials and who want to go further in reducing or eliminating single-use plastics from their operations whilst still meeting the environmental and ethical criteria of a Travelife audit.

What can the Toolkit do for you?

Designed specifically with hotels in mind, the Toolkit makes it easy for you to:

  • identify where and how plastic is used in your hotel,

  • calculate the financial cost of single-use plastic to your business

  • plan a step by step approach with your teams to prioritise the changes that have the biggest environmental/financial impacts

  • avoid greenwash - not all alternatives are as green as they seem, despite being marketed that way

  • feel confident in eliminating single-use items that are used out of habit

  • identify suitable, available, affordable alternatives that your guests will love

  • create new income streams from plastic free products

  • track and record your progress

15% of single-use plastic waste can be attributed to habits

Even hotels with environmental certifications find themselves getting through hundreds of thousands of single-use items every year, not only is this a big financial burden, these plastics are often not recycled and end up in landfill or worse, in the natural environments that tourism businesses depend upon for success.

Plastic ear buds are one of the items to be banned by the EU by 2021

From work we've done to date in the Canary Islands, we've been able to identify that approximately 15% of plastic waste comes from 'doing things as they've always been done' and actually, with very simple communications, this waste can be eradicated almost overnight, with savings being ring-fenced for other plastic reduction approaches.

What do travellers think?

A recent survey by the Thomas Cook Group identified that 94% of their customers were concerned about plastics entering marine environments.

Awareness amongst travellers has increased significantly throughout 2018 thanks to social media and documentaries like Blue Planet and A Plastic Ocean. Many business are waking up to this and taking action, in fact entire countries are implementing bans on certain types of plastic, with straws and plastic bags taking the lead. In October this year, members of the European Parliament approved a plan to ban the 10 most regularly found plastic items on beach cleans, including cutlery, takeaway boxes and coffee cups by 2021,

Miniature Plastic Toiletry set still popular in hotels

And, in what's considered to be a world first, Santa Cruz County, California, USA just announced plans tobanminiature plastic toiletries in hotels & accommodations

There has never been a better time to make a pledge to reduce or eliminate plastic, and our Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit is the most comprehensive resource to help you do this and you can start immediately.

Register your interest in working with Travel Without Plastic before 31/12/18 to enjoy a 10% discount on the Toolkit by emailing us at and use code TRAVELIFE in the email title.

Be ahead of impending legislation and lead by example.

For other services that can help you to reduce plastic and for our FREE download to eliminating miniature bathroom amenities click here

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