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Momentum for Reducing Single-Use in Hotels Builds

Travel Without Plastic is featured across global media as the industry looks seriously at how to reduce or eliminate unnecessary products from their operations

Coverage of #TravelWithoutPlastic and our activities and tools is spreading fast, and with new subscribers to our site and FREE Download every day, we're really excited for the future of reducing single-use plastics in hotels.

Most recently featured on the Adventure Travel Trade Association website, we've also enjoyed coverage in Travelmole and The World Travel Market Blog and are about to have an introduction to our business presented at the Mekong Tourism Forum whilst at the same time our list of supporters and organisations promoting our approach continues to grow.

Hotels will be making a significant contribution to the 300 million tons of plastic produced every year, half of which is destined for single-use, so there's a HUGE opportunity here to make a difference.

The soon to be launched Full Guide and Tool Kit in Spanish is also likely to be a game-changer as thousands of hotel employees will be able to access the information in their own language.

Demonstrate your leadership by joining our Let's Reduce Single-Use Programme today or contact us on for a FREE, no obligation consultation to explore the opportunities for you business.

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