How to rock a plastic free Halloween in your hotel

Want to celebrate Halloween without the waste?

Take a look at some of our ideas for Halloween inspired crafts in your kids clubs, a super, scary buffet and out of this world cocktails for the bar.

All of the ideas here, as well as many more can be found on our Plastic Free Halloween Board in Pinterest where you'll find all the original posts with direct links to the details.

Halloween can be an expensive time when you have an entire hotel to decorate, and it's money NOT SO WELL SPENT if the decorations are destined for the waste bin when the celebrations are over.

So, how can you do Halloween in style and stay waste free?

1) Get your guests to create the decorations

Particularly popular with children's clubs and your entertainments teams, there are hundreds of ways you can #recycle and #upcycle to create gorgeous Halloween decorations that can be used time and again.

Here are some of our favourite waste items that you can start saving now so that you're ready for Halloween Crafts:

Toilet Rolls

Every hotel is likely to get through hundreds of these in a week. Encourage your housekeeping staff to collect the empty rolls and store them in a safe place until they're ready to be used in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

They'll make a great activity in your kids club where they can be made into individual toilet roll monsters or by grouping them together for a toilet roll mobile.

**TOP PLASTIC FREE TIP** - By painting on the eyes and mouths and using paper for ears, arms and anything else, you can keep them #plasticfree

Wine Corks

Most hotels will get through a significant number of wine bottles, and if they're a brand that comes with real corks, be sure to get your bar and restaurant staff to save them. It's not only the kids that enjoy getting crafty, the more elaborate decorations tend to appeal to older children and adults alike, such as the gorgeous cork pumpkin pictured above.

Even if you don't get the chance to save lots of corks, there are some great ideas for making individual decorations, or even multiple decorations from one cork on our Pinterest page.


Why not encourage your guests to leave their old newspapers in a specific collection box so that they can be used for making beautiful paper wreaths or witches hats that can be easily recycled when they're taken down or finished with.

2) Get your staff involved

How creative are your staff? Perhaps you could run a competition to see who can create the most elaborate reycycled/upclycled Halloween decorations for your reception, bar, restaurant? Have you got a stack of old curtains or bed runners that you don't know what do with? Consider using them to create fabric wreaths that can be washed and re-used every year going forward,depending on the colour scheme, you might even be able to roll them out again at Christmas?

What ghostly-inspired decorations could they make from bed-sheets and other linens that can no longer be used for guest rooms but are just perfect for a new lease of life?

3) On the buffet

The buffet is a FANTASTIC place to bring Halloween to life, using an array of fruits, vegetables and desserts to really add some creativity to the celebrations and without any single-use plastic in sight!

One of the easiest ways to create a Halloween buffet is to challenge your kitchen team to come up with inspiring dishes that meet a variety of dietary requirements so that all of your guests get to enjoy the celebrations.

If you do use actual pumpkins, check out this great blog with ideas to make sure none of it goes to waste!

4) At the bar

For guests that fancy a celebratory Halloween tipple, you can include a twist to your drinks offer for the weeks leading up to 31st October and it's a great way to up-sell your cocktail menu!

Remember not to use plastic straws though, and if you're going to decorate the drinks, use fruit or other edible options like sweets.

Don't forget to think about using restaurant and bar props like bottles and wooden spoons to add to the decorations, and why not use your hollowed out pumpkins for beer, sangria or other cocktail mixes for a bit of added drama.

We'd love to hear of any other ideas you might have implemented before or are intending to try out this year in your hotel, and feel free to share any photographs with us that we can share on our social media!