Practical, cost effective solutions to reducing single-use plastic without compromising hygiene standards or the guest experience


  • It's yet another thing on your to-do list

  • You've got hundreds of lines of single-use plastic and you don't know where to start

  • You're concerned that any changes will impact on health, safety or the guest experience

  • You don't have the time to source alternatives

  • You're confused about all of the new options on the market

  • You're not sure if the alternatives are as 'green as they seem'

  • You don't have the financial resources to invest in alternatives

  • Your staff aren't really motivated to change

  • You don't know how to communicate the changes to your guests

  • You believe it will cause complaints as guests have certain expectations and will be disappointed if things are taken away

  • You don't have a good waste infrastructure in your destination


  • We help you to take it one step at a time

  • We show you how to take a 'Top 3 or Top 5' approach to keep it manageable

  • We were health, safety and quality assurance auditors in a previous life, making sure any recommendations tick all the right boxes

  • We're making it our life's work to find suitable, ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives that can be implemented in hotels

  • From our work to date, we have seen hotels save between 15 - 60% on purchases when following our recommendations

  • We've created detailed training plans to help motivate your staff to be part of the solution

  • Our expert communications guide tells you everything you need to know about talking to guests before, during and after their stay

  • In previous plastic reduction projects no guests said that change had negatively impacted their holiday

  • We collaborate with partners who are experts at dealing with waste in destinations without suitable facilities to manage it

  • We'll get you ahead of impending legislation and voluntary bans

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TUI Logo transparent.png

The TUI Plastic Reduction Workshop in Turkey beginning of October 2019 was a great success – the facilitators of Travel Without Plastic provided useful information to our hoteliers how to substitute single-use plastics significantly. Through this workshop, we encouraged our hoteliers to further reduce plastics successfully in order to achieve TUI Group’s objective to remove 250 million pieces of single-use plastics by 2020.

Andreas Vermoehlen, Sustainability Manager TUI Group


At IHG we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and seeking out more sustainable solutions. A core part of this commitment is helping our colleagues to better understand the options that enable them to make more environmentally-friendly choices. The “Let’s Reduce Single-Use Toolkit” has been a useful way to help our procurement team to expand their knowledge, and in-turn support our hotel brands to make buying choices that have a more positive impact on both our operations and the environment.

Laura Simmonds, Head of Responsible Procurement, IHG.

Seaside Collection Logo.jpg

Seaside Hotels is delighted to work together with Travel Without Plastic on a specific project for our hotels based in the Canary Islands.  As part of our commitment to reducing the unnecessary use of resources we are grateful to have the in-depth knowledge of the Travel Without Plastic team to help us move forward and expand our sustainability programme.  The Let's Reduce Single-Use assets to engage staff and to increase awareness have proved invaluable to communicating our strategy and we look forward to continuing to implement their recommendations. 

Astrid Van Wijk, Commercia Director

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