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Greener Guest

Greener Guest was a prototype marketplace set up by the team from Travel Without Plastic to meet the increasing demand hotels and other hospitality and travel businesses have for more sustainable products.


We've learnt alot about running a marketplace over the past two years and come to the realisation that the time investment  we'd have to put in to make it viable long term would mean we wouldn't be able to operate Travel Without Plastic and as that's where we feel we can make the biggest global difference, it's where we have decided to concentrate our energy. 


We are experts in sustainability and plastic reduction in catering, tourism and hospitality and still have contact with lots of suppliers in this space that we are happy to put businesses in touch with. 


If you would like to find out more about how Travel Without Plastic could help your business or destination to reduce waste, please visit the Services Page of our website or drop us a line via the contact form


Thank you to all those who have and continue to support us over the last few years


Rachel, Jo and Steve 

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