Interactive E-Learning

 A great way to train staff when workshops and in-person training are more difficult to organise

Find out how hotels can save €1000s without having to invest in expensive alternatives by downloading our FREE Introduction to 'Let's Reduce Single-Use; The Guide.


Don't let single-use plastic be the 'go-to' solution when it comes to hygiene!


GreenerGuest, an intiative by Travel Without Plastic has developed a free e-learning tool with a focus on reducing plastic whilst still meeting hygiene requirements. 

The benefits of our e-learning

  • It's easy for employees to do from home if they have a laptop and internet connection

  • It doesn't require a conference room and avoids all the complications of training whilst trying to social distance

  • Completion certificates are great for staff and to show to sustainability auditors to demonstrate you are training your staff

  • You can capture commitments and use these for planning and reporting

  • It's fun and gives employees practical advice they can implement immediately

What will you learn?

  • How to avoid single-use plastic being the default option for 'hygiene'

  • Prioritising processes over products to cut down on single use

  • Why wrapping everything in single-use film isn't the answer

  • How to feel confident that you are meeting hygiene expectations and providing great customer service whilst cutting out plastic

  • Creating confidence amongst your customers through clear communications

  • Future-proofing your business to reduce waste

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